"Regardless of how many years you've been married, Ron and Samantha can help you reach your next goal!"

Rebuild your relationship with a stronger foundation through coaching and a community of like-minded believers.

With the right resources, an open heart and an open mind, you will achieve your goals and cultivate a lasting marriage. 


We believe that not all married couples need counseling but that all married couples need COACHING at some point in their relationship.


Samantha & Ron Mosca are Certified Marriage Breakthrough Coaches who are dedicated to helping couples strengthen their relationship with one another while strengthening their unified relationship with God. Together, Samantha and Ron work to empower Christian couples by shedding light on growth opportunities so that they can take action and step into an thriving Christian marriage.  They encourage couples to commit to making changes in their marriage and growing together, not apart.

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Membership & Community

When you choose to be come a member of A Perfectly Imperfect Marriage, you get access to a crew of like-minded Christian couples dealing with life in all of its many forms. Becoming a part of the crew means having people to lean on, learn from, and grow with.

Additionally, by joining Samantha & Ron’s crew, you'll have exclusive access to their podcasts, courses, interactive group events, men's and woman's groups, bible studies, and devotionals.

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Join Samantha & Ron as they dive into topics that all married couples deal with, Christian and non-Christian alike.  You can expect guests to pop in from time to time during these in-depth discussions to share their wisdom with the A Perfectly Imperfect Marriage Crew. 

Of course, there will also be additional VIP content available to A Perfectly Imperfect Marriage (APIM) Community Crew Members!

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"Love Never Fails." - 1 Corinthians 13

 Ron & Samantha Mosca. 

Married for over a decade, Sam and Ron have seen the brightest and darkest days that can come with any marriage.

"We have had some really wonderful chapters and some chapters that felt impossible to get through.  In November of 2017, we were on the brink of divorce, but "love  never fails"  and with God  at the center of our marriage,  we became anchored in love and guided by the King."


Get to know us & See the FAQ's

What can you expect from working with US?

As Certified marriage coaches, we specialize in working as a team in order to help couples thrive.  Our husband and wife perspective, along with over a decade of experience, creates an environment where clients feel seen and supported in order to make desired changes in their relationship. 

 We have a passion to see couples #STRONGERTOGETHER!


Coaching VS Counseling


Unlike counseling or therapy, Christian coaching is less about focusing on the past and more about helping couples reach their potential together.  Challenging couples to set goals and providing accountability to reach these goals. 

Christian Coaching is not for couples who need therapy to overcome painful influences from their past, Christian coaches help couples build vision and move toward their future.

Christian Coaching is not about looking back, it's about looking ahead, building skills and strengths that will help you grow as a couple.   



Core Values


At A Perfectly Imperfect Marriage, these values are the foundation for our Principles.  

We value authenticity in our relationships, engaging others with love and honesty as well as balance between work and family.  

Jesus needs to be #1 in our lives individually and at the center of all relationships. 

Serving others is what we were all created to do. 

We believe God's will is for all believers to be successful in all areas of their lives; Spiritual growth, personal relationships, financial health, and mental & physical health.  But because of our human nature, many may not receive the full benefits of God’s will.  

However, I, Samantha, have a phrase that I reflect on daily "Future me is Thankful past me has never given up".

Keep seeking the full benefits of Christ’s provision in order to better serve others and God's will for your life will be revealed. 



Mission Statement


We have a passion to help couples, on whatever road they're on. Thru personal authenticity, discover how to strengthen and grow together. 


 On a Strong Foundation...


Anchored in Love & Guided by the King. 


 We Help Marriages Succeed!





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Rekindling "Chemistry" Through Commuication and Commitment

The APIM tool box includes courses on "Bringing back the Romance", "Increased Intimacy", "Working through Financial Concerns", "Growing Stronger Together (Increased Oneness)", "Becoming Best Friends Again"...and many more resources.


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Success is directly related to how intentional you as a married couple are.  We will provide Coaching, accountability, community and authentic feedback, but it really boils down to you!