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If you work at fighting. You'll win at fighting!

Apr 07, 2024

Here is one easy peezy blog to not only reflect on but to put into action. You've got to dish out that love, EVEN when, in the moment, you don't particularly "like"...

We  all fight. Why? Well because we all have opinions and different ways of seeing things. Sometimes it's because we're tired and other times it's because we've had a day full of negativity. This may sound odd but It's how we fight that makes all the difference.

Let me give you a different perspective. In the moment your spouse is looking like your enemy and you're ready to "release the kraken" take a step back and let the fog clear, your hubby or wife is actually weak and in need in that moment.

They need you!

Give them a double helping of grace. Think "I'm going to be the strong one in this moment". However that moment looks for you.You might repeat back to them their thoughts. Making sure you understand what they are saying/asking. Ask them if you can do anything to lighten their load. Maybe the moment just needs you to both sit together, hand in hand, in silence and collect your thoughts.

If you work at fighting.

You'll win at fighting!

Perfectly Imperfect,

Sam & Ron

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