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Is your marriage in shambles?

Mar 18, 2024
Recently, Ron and I have both spoken with quit a few people who are either desperate to fix their marriage or end their marriage. Unfortunately, the higher number seems to be leaning toward "end their marriage."
The one question we are ask the most, should I/we just end it? And the one answer we will never have an answer to is, should I/we stay or go. Only you know the answer to that. But what we both can agree on, 100%, is we were once where you are now. Ready to give up.
But God. (I mean He did raise Jesus from the dead. So, who better to raise a lifeless marriage from the dead!)
Tough times will come and go. Some will seem never ending, but don't worry, you're never alone. Every couple faces challenges at some point.
And some couples face a blitz of problems that seem they will take you out completely.
Don’t. Give. Up!
Ok, it's time to suck it up. Stop complaining about all the solid number 2's being thrown at you both, take a positive spin and focus on some inspiration to help you wade thru that muck, or through this "little" rough patch. Let's make "A WAY".
Create a list of people, places, events, stories/books, etc., which have inspired you to meet your goals in the past. Look through them carefully. Decide if you can adapt any of them to make good decisions that meet your current needs and situation.
People: Think about mentors, friends, or family members who have strong, resilient marriages. What qualities do they possess? How do they handle difficulties?
Places: Consider places that hold special meaning for both of you. Maybe it's where you first met, got engaged, or had a memorable vacation. Revisiting these places can reignite positive emotions and remind you of your bond.
Events: Reflect on significant events in your relationship. Whether it's overcoming obstacles together or celebrating milestones, these moments can serve as reminders of your strength as a couple.
Stories/Books: Look for stories of couples who have overcome challenges similar to yours. Books like "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman or "For men only" & "For woman only" by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn. These are 3 of our favs as far as marriage books go, but we have read a lot and there are so many good ones!
Now, let's adapt these inspirations to your current situation:
Learn from Mentors: Seek guidance from a trusted mentor or marriage coach who can offer wisdom and support, tailored to your specific needs. (as far as Marriage coaches go, we might know someone 😉)
Revisit Meaningful Places: Take a trip down memory lane by revisiting places that hold sentimental value. It can help you reconnect and create new positive experiences together.
Celebrate Your Journey: Acknowledge how far you've come as a couple and celebrate your resilience. All small victories deserve recognition.
Find Strength in Stories: Draw inspiration from real-life stories of couples who have overcome similar challenges. Their experiences can provide hope and practical strategies for navigating through tough times. If you'd like to hear more about our battle and victory, we'd love to chat with you. Reach out anytime!
Remember, every marriage faces ups and downs, but with patience, communication, and support, you can overcome obstacles together.
You've got this, Sam and Ron!

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