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To my husband (or wife, or fiancé).....

Mar 18, 2024
You know, writing a love letter to your spouse can be a game-changer in your relationship. It's like pouring out your heart on paper and letting them know just how much they mean to you. About a week ago I did just that. I sat down with a pen and paper and made a list of all the ways Ron has contributed to my life. It was a longer list than I could ever have imagined. And as I wrote every amazing thing about what he brings to my life I smiled, I giggled, and a few tears of gratitude may just have slipped through. Then I hid the note in a place I was sure he would find it. Because part of the fun is the surprise!
Now, let's break down why it's so important:
First off, and what may seem the most obvious, it's all about appreciation. When you take the time to jot down those heartfelt words, you're showing your spouse that you see and value all the little things they do. Whether it's the way they support you through thick and thin, make you smile on the toughest days, or laugh with you during your weakest moments, it's all there in black and white.
Plus, it's a reminder of the love that holds you two together. Even when you mess up (and we all do!), knowing that they love and appreciate you, flaws and all, can be incredibly reassuring. It's like saying, "Hey, I may not always get it right, but I'm grateful for you being by my side."
And let's not forget the power of communication. In a world where texts and emails fly back and forth, and conversations are held with a series of emojis, taking the time to write a letter is a whole different ballgame. It shows intentionality and depth, and it opens up a space for real, meaningful connection.
So, this weeks I challenge you, write a love note to your husband, wife, or fiancé…..
Trust me, those words will mean the world to them ❤
Perfectly Imperfect,

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