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Finding Faith

Jan 25, 2024
Every day I find myself rushing around. So much to do. So many appointments to meet. So many tasks to check off my list, both on paper and the items in my mind piling up.
How about you?
I'm fairly certain more than half of you reading this are nodding your head, and thinking, if I don't do it, it wont get done. So how do I find a moment to slow down?
Hear me out now. If you leave the laundry in the dryer, will it become dirty again? If you skip grocery shopping, will you starve? How about that streaming show your watching every night after work, or the never-ending scroll thru your phone. Email, TikTok, FB, Insta, Pinterest, Youtube…..Are you really missing anything if you skip an evening in scroll mode?
How about instead, you do something that invites comfort, calmness, peace, and little moments of happiness.
For each of us that will look different. For some, a walk outside in the cool air at sunrise or sunset. Sitting by a pond, lake, ocean or river. A quiet stolen moment on your back-porch, or by a window facing the sun. For other simply laying in the middle of your bedroom floor, in the quiet, eyes closed just taking in the calm.
Whatever it is, the goal of this is a moment to slow down.
Be in the moment and let your mind open to Him.
We often ask God so many whys, when's and how's but we do not, as often as we ask, quiet down and listen for His answer.
So today, I hope you'll take a moment to slow down.

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